Meet Kendra

Board Certified, Trauma Informed Therapist, specialized in anxiety, depression, trauma, stress management and relationship issues,

trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, grief, relationship issues, feeling stuck, therapy can help. You do not have to work through it alone. It would be my honor to support you. I am warm, kind and direct in my approach to therapy.


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Kendra provides a warm, nurturing, safe, space to do the deep soul work I was searching for. I feel like I have come home to myself once and for all, finally living freely and authentically.


I was able shift from feeling inadequate to wholeheartedly loving myself in my work with Kendra. She has the unique ability to connect on a deep level, which helped me heal and find tools to live a fulfilling, genuine life. I am now free of the pain that kept me stuck. 

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 Kendra is so bright and radiates love and healing energy. She is honest with compassion and helped me see my truth. Working with Kendra was transformative.


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Therapy with Kendra

My goal is to create safety so that you can openly explore any concern in your past or present life. In doing so, you can uncover old patterns that are no longer working for you and learn new ways of living that will free you from the cycle of suffering and inspire hope. Deciding to address mental discomfort is courageous. 

Congratulations for taking the first step in seeking support!


We will collaboratively explore the areas of your life that you would like to improve. Together we will create a holistic, non-judgmental treatment plan with collaborative goals and tangible objectives to bring you freedom and happiness.  I am here to help you manage overwhelming feelings, make sense out of emotional mood states, transform unhealthy coping behaviors, find solutions to your problems, repair and re-build your relationship to your self, develop authentic connections, and guide you in effective future planning with loving kindness. 


I use evidence-based western psychotherapeutic techniques with eastern methods of holistic healing that will encourage you to be present and use both your body and mind.  Tapping in to your body’s organic emotional intelligence delivers a whole person method of healing. This type of healing will guide you in relating to yourself with compassion, acceptance, patience, flexibility, and love.  I believe in you. I believe that you have within you all the answers that you need in order to gain emotional freedom. Growth happens when you find self understanding and let your emotions be expressed. I will help you to gain access to yourself in a safe and compassionate way.  


Growth and healing begins in a safe, accepting place where I meet you with unconditional positive regard, warmth and compassion.  Let us begin your healing journey. 



Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #120974

Board of Behavioral Sciences

Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology

National University

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) Certificate of Training

EMDR International Association

Personality Disorders Certificate Course: Advanced Diagnosis, Treatment, Mmgt

Gregory W. Lester, PhD

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

CSU Monterey Bay

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training 200HR RYT

Vrindavan, India Yoga Training Institute

Individual Counseling

One on one support. Pre-teen, teen, adult, and senior. Collaboratively establish goals and I'll work along side you to support you in your challenges and joy.

Couples Counseling

Let me help you and your partner heal, deal and grow your connection. LGBTQ Allied.

Family Counseling

Bring the whole family to unpack relationship dynamics, family roles and establish healthy boundaries.

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About Kendra

Kendra graduated from National University with a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. She has built a private practice of her own after three years of work in a dual diagnosis, substance use treatment center.  Kendra has experience working with seniors, adults, children, and teenagers. 


Kendra is a certified Yoga Instructor who integrates mindfulness into her work with clients. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from CSU Monterey Bay. Kendra worked in business, directing operations and managing large teams for several years before switching careers to the helping profession. 


Kendra is a dog lover, enjoys being in nature and practices movement of all kinds. She loves spending time with her family and friends and lives in North County, San Diego. She has a story and a past which brought her into the helping profession. Kendra lives life wholeheartedly and believes in the power of positivity and gratitude.

"Give every day the chance to be the most beautiful day of your life."

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